We did it! Holyrood Gardens proposal referred back to developer for rework.

At the Public Hearing on November 27, 2017, City Council made a motion to refer the Holyrood Gardens proposal back to the developer and City Administration for rework. This is a fantastic accomplishment. We are pleased to have created time and opportunities to work with the City and developer to come up with a transit oriented development solution that is a best practice model in mature neighbourhoods. We are also pleased to report that City Council passed a motion to refer all future transit oriented development proposals to the Edmonton Design Committee.

For additional background, please refer to these two media stories:

Thank you to everyone in the community who helped amplify awareness about the many variances from guidelines that were associated with this project. The Holyrood Development Committee estimates about 3,000 hours were invested in this work since April 2017.

We still need your help. We’re seeking to reach our fundraising goal of $2500. Please donate to the Holyrood Professional Advisors Fund to help us offset costs and help us prepare for engagement opportunities associated with creating a new development proposal.



Public Hearing extended to Nov. 27

To the many people who registered to speak at the November 17 Public Hearing about Holyrood Gardens, and the many people who attended to support the speakers, we extend our THANKS.

We especially thank those who stepped in to read materials prepared by other members of our community who were unable to present. We were also impressed with the public members who spoke as well. Clearly you did your homework and reached similar conclusions as the Holyrood Development Committee. Each and every one of you help ensure perspectives from the community and neighbouring communities were heard.

Approximately 42 people registered to speak against the proposal. Thirteen people registered to speak in support of the proposal; half of these were contractors hired by the developer. The speakers and question periods were very respectful.

City Council has received a fulsome explanation of the many challenges and issues associated with this proposal. We believe the collection of issues is sufficient to return the proposal to the City Administration and the developer for rework.

It will be City Council’s challenge on November 27 at 3:30 pm to receive new information, debate the issue deeply, and come to a conclusion on whether or not to support the proposal. We will be there and we hope to see many of you there as well.

The extension of the public hearing means we need additional funds for a professional advisor. If you can help our small community league with a donation we would very much appreciate it. You can donate at: http://tinyurl.com/fundhdc


City Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Regency Developments

September 13, 2017

The City of Edmonton has signed a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Regency Developments, owner of the lands at 8310 – 93 Avenue and 8311 – 93 Avenue.

The MOU allows Regency to proceed with construction of underground infrastructure at this location. Given the current construction of the Valley Line LRT along the 83 Street / 85 Street corridor, this will allow Regency to install necessary utilities in coordination with the LRT, minimizing disruption to neighbourhood residents and both projects.

The MOU does not extend beyond the construction of infrastructure. Utilities infrastructure improvements are required for any redevelopment at this site, and are not specific to a particular development proposal.

Regency Developments has proposed to redevelop this land into a mixed use, high density, transit oriented development that contains a mixture of middle and high-rise housing. City Council has deferred the public hearing and subsequent decisions on this proposed Holyrood Gardens redevelopment project until the new Council convenes in November of this year.

The Valley Line is scheduled to open in December 2020.

For more information:

September 13, 2017 Council Meeting – Holyrood Utility Corridor

Media contact:

Holly Budd
Communications Manager


Public hearing for Holyrood Gardens has been delayed until November

City Council’s public hearing started at 1:30 p.m. on September 11. Council raised concerns early about there being insufficient time to address Regency Developments’ application because 45 people registered to speak to the proposal. These presentations could have taken up to 7 hours. Sixteen people registered to speak in support of the proposal and 29 against.

The Holyrood Gardens proposal, the last item on the agenda, came forward near the close of the meeting at 9:30 p.m. Council extended the meeting and eventually voted to delay the public hearing until November. Council also voted to allow developers to work with city administrators to address water and sewer connections issues that must be completed before the LRT comes through.

Below are a few stories from media covering the evening:

Edmonton city council runs out of time for 1,200-unit Holyrood apartment debate, Global News, September 12, 2017.

Public hearing into Holyrood development delayed until November, Edmonton Journal, September 12, 2017.

Edmonton city councillor seeks postponement of Holyrood Gardens, Global News, September 11, 2017.

Holyrood development decision delayed until after Edmonton city election, CBC News, September 11, 2017.




Please write to City Council

Prior to the public hearing on September 11, 2017, the Mayor and Council need to hear from citizens on the Holyrood Gardens Rezoning Proposal.  

The Holyrood Development Committee has prepared sample letters to serve as a starting point for you to notify the Mayor and City Council regarding your position on the Holyrood Gardens Development.

Sample Letters

Sample Letter for Holyrood Residents
(Web Version | Microsoft Word Version)

Sample Letter for neighbouring communities and other stakeholders
(Web Version | Microsoft Word Version)

While you can use simply add your signature, name, and address to this letter and deliver it to City Council, the HDC recommends that you modify this letter to speak from your own, unique vantage point as a member of the Holyrood community. This will ensure City Council receives a range of perspectives that collectively send a strong message from Holyrood residents and Edmontonians.

Instruction for Use

  • Copy Letter to your word processing or email platform,
  • Insert date,
  • Edit letter to reflect your own perspectives,
  • Include your name and address,
  • Mail to the address indicated on the sample letter or email to the following recipients:

City Council city.clerk@edmonton.ca
City Manager linda.cochrane@edmonton.ca
Deputy City Manager carolyn.campbell@edmonton.ca

Would you like to let others know what you’re writing? Email your letter to holyrooddevcomm@gmail.com and we will select a sample of letters sharing a variety of perspectives. All personal information except your name will be removed from the letter.

The Holyrood Development Committee is also encouraging Holyrood residents and other stakeholders to register to speak to City Council at the public hearing.