Public Hearing extended to Nov. 27

To the many people who registered to speak at the November 17 Public Hearing about Holyrood Gardens, and the many people who attended to support the speakers, we extend our THANKS.

We especially thank those who stepped in to read materials prepared by other members of our community who were unable to present. We were also impressed with the public members who spoke as well. Clearly you did your homework and reached similar conclusions as the Holyrood Development Committee. Each and every one of you help ensure perspectives from the community and neighbouring communities were heard.

Approximately 42 people registered to speak against the proposal. Thirteen people registered to speak in support of the proposal; half of these were contractors hired by the developer. The speakers and question periods were very respectful.

City Council has received a fulsome explanation of the many challenges and issues associated with this proposal. We believe the collection of issues is sufficient to return the proposal to the City Administration and the developer for rework.

It will be City Council’s challenge on November 27 at 3:30 pm to receive new information, debate the issue deeply, and come to a conclusion on whether or not to support the proposal. We will be there and we hope to see many of you there as well.

The extension of the public hearing means we need additional funds for a professional advisor. If you can help our small community league with a donation we would very much appreciate it. You can donate at:



We’re ready! Come join us at City Hall at 9:30 a.m. November 17!

“Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success.” — Henry Ford

The Holyrood Development Committee has put in over 2300 of volunteer hours evaluating the Holyrood Gardens rezoning proposal. We’ve scoured transit oriented development (TOD) guidelines, residential infill guidelines in mature neighbourhoods, traffic impact assessments, strategic plans, best practices for TOD in other localities, and more.

Residents and friends of Holyrood have contributed over $1,500 to help source professional advisors as we prepare for the public hearing on November 17, 2017. Other heroes are the professionals and residents who have provided us with the knowledge and support needed to frame effective presentations and meaningful recommendations to City Council.

We have chosen hope. We are hopeful that the information we share will lead to the best transit oriented development solution for Holyrood. And, as Christoper Reeve once said, “Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.”

Please join us tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m.. Support your friends and neighbours. If you’re up for it, you can still request to speak to City Council about the Holyrood Gardens upzoning. Registrations are accepted on site.


Help Holyrood develop better! Six days to the Public Hearing for Holyrood Gardens.

Southeast Voice November 2017Last week the Southeast Voice was delivered to all homes in Holyrood and neighbouring communities. It featured a front-page article on the Holyrood Development Committee’s efforts to inform and engage citizens in providing feedback on the Holyrood Gardens rezoning proposal.

Last weekend community volunteers delivered this flyer to your mailbox as well as a letter that you can use or customize to share your feedback on the proposed rezoning of Holyrood Gardens with City Council.  

A full-day Public Hearing is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. November 17, 2017. Holyrood Gardens is the ONLY item on the agenda. The length of the Public Hearing is reflects the precedence that this rezoning application will establish for all transit oriented development in Edmonton.

Help Holyrood develop better!

This is the LAST opportunity you have to offer comments on Holyrood Gardens to City Council. This is the MOST IMPORTANT time to speak about how transit oriented development should evolve in Holyrood. Please write to City Council and register to speak about Bylaw 18178 at the Public Hearing on November 17, 2017. Please ask for:

  • the rezoning proposal be returned to the developer and City Administration for additional rework.
  • a neighbourhood plan be developed in collaboration with Holyrood residents prior to approval of new rezoning applications.


Watch your mailbox!

NovFlyerThis weekend Holyrood Development Committee members and community volunteers will deliver this flyer to your mailbox. You will also receive a letter that you can use or customize to share your feedback on the proposed rezoning of Holyrood Gardens with City Council.

The purpose of a Public Hearing is to allow citizens the chance to voice opinions and concerns over a decision facing City Council. Public Hearings are a critical forum for sharing your voice. It is also the LAST opportunity you have to offer comments to city officials.

The September Public Hearing was postponed to November 17, 2017. At that hearing 69 letters were on hand speaking against the proposal and 29 people registered to speak against the proposal.

After people speak for or against the proposal at the Public Hearing:

  • City Council will pass the bylaw as presented; or
  • City Council will make amendments to the bylaw it deems necessary and proceed to pass it; or
  • City Council may defeat the bylaw.


Write your letter to City Council in advance of the Public Hearing, Nov. 17

The Holyrood Development Committee is inviting residents to send a letter to City Council expressing your perspectives on the Holyrood Rezoning proposal. These letters will be made available at the Public Hearing on November 17, 2017. Anyone affected by upcoming transit oriented development in mature neighbourhoods is also invited to weigh in on this proposal.

You may cut and paste the following text into your own desktop publishing software. Downloads are available in the following formats: Microsoft Word | PDF


Office of the Mayor and Office of the Councillors
Care of the Office of the City Clerk
2nd Floor, City Hall, 1 Sir Winston Churchill Square
Edmonton, AB, T5J 2R7

I am writing to share my perspective on Bylaw 18178 – Holyrood Gardens which is being brought to a Public Hearing on November 17, 2017. I trust you will scrutinize all letters and information presented regarding this re-development proposal.

On October 26, 2017, the City Administration, Regency Developments and the Holyrood Development Committee met to share their experiences leading up to the first Public Hearing. All parties agreed this project was fraught with problems including: poor communication, disrespectful engagement, swift pace and lack of support for community volunteers. Foundational relationships were not built. All perspectives were not secured. As a result this project was not informed by the best available information. This evidence should be enough for City Council to send the project back for additional rework.

Densification and precedent-setting large site developments require good urban design principles and exceptional public engagement. This project departs from the intent of City guidelines, policies, and plans. There are numerous variances in the DC2 application. While the technical background on variances will be presented by the Holyrood Development Committee at the Public Hearing, as a resident of Holyrood, I am concerned about:

  • Lack of a site vision/context plan developed with an educational and participatory planning process
  • Transparency of financial analysis, community contribution and affordable housing
  • Sustainability goals and integration with City strategies (e.g., Energy Transition, Winter Cities)
  • Site permeability, mobility and safety for young/old and community access to facilities for bicycles
  • Best practices & guidelines that recommend 2-7 storey development at neighbourhood stops
  • Fulsome exploration of approaches to meet density targets without highrises
  • Engagement on built form, green space, commercial activities, missing middle and height transitions
  • Need for an independent peer review by urban design specialists

My letter to adds to 69 letters City Council received opposing the Holyrood Gardens rezoning application prior to the September 11, 2017 Public Hearing. Many residents of my community support redevelopment and densification, however many residents also feel the current proposal represents overdevelopment of the site. In order for Edmontonians to embrace infill and densification, it is critical to model exceptional urban design principles.  

For these reasons, please return the proposal to the developer to ensure meaningful community engagement and exploration of new building forms for densification and traffic management. After community engagement, an independent review by the Edmonton Design Committee is necessary to create a well-informed urban design that ensures livability and integration with my community.

There is a better solution for Holyrood, one that is an inspirational model for future developments. Please support Holyrood by offering an opportunity to co-create this vision and be an advocate for high density transit oriented development development in the City of Edmonton.


Linda Cochrane, City Manager
Carolyn Campbell, Public Engagement

Petition – Citizens for Responsible Development

petitionThe Association of Citizens for Responsible Development (C4RD) was created in March 2017 by Edmontonians who share concerns about the current state of the City of Edmonton’s planning and development processes. You are invited to sign their petition that calls upon City Council to suspend densification of neighbourhoods and defer zoning bylaw changes like proposed for Holyrood Gardens.

The petition also calls upon City Council to collaborate with residents to plan for each existing neighbourhood based on studies of individual neighbourhood needs and capacity, dwelling density, population density, greenspace requirements, amenity losses, flood mitigation, and road and drainage capacity.

This is another way to express your concerns about ineffective communication and public engagement associated with the Holyrood Gardens rezoning proposal. Let’s ask our City Administration to do better.

Join the HDC at a community check-in on Nov. 8, 2017


Since the disappointing postponement of the public hearing by City Council on September 11, 2017, your Holyrood Development Committee (HDC) has been hard at work. We produced a “Fast Facts” postcard with information about the Holyrood Gardens redevelopment. HDC members attended many public forums for the Mayoral and Ward Candidates to raise awareness about the redevelopment proposal and concerns around the City’s approach to transit oriented development. HDC member Mike Baran also wrote the song Vision 2020 about the development process. We profiled the song through Twitter on all major radio stations and to key radio celebrities October 7-11, 2017.

Public Hearing

The public hearing is scheduled for November 17, 2017. Holyrood residents and any Edmonton citizen with an interest in transit oriented development is encouraged to sign up to speak at the hearing. This is the final and most important step in the development re-zoning process. City staff have told us that the hearing is considered part of the engagement process, therefore it is critical we convey that we want to engage. Attendance at the hearing is a factor that City Council considers when making decisions. By attending you show the City you care about the effects of this proposed development. Speaking to City Council ensures they are aware of citizen’s concerns.

If you are unable to attend the public hearing, you can sign up to have someone else speak on your behalf. You can write a letter and have someone else read it into the record, so that your voice is heard. Your speaker will be limited to 5 minutes. Call 311 for details. If you were signed up to speak at the September public hearing, please indicate that your letter.

Form Letter

HDC will prepare a form letter for community members to model their own letters for City Council and our Ward 8 councilor. The letter will be distributed online, so keep your eyes peeled for it! The HDC is also planning to distribute a flyer to your mailbox reminding you to voice your opinions about the Holyrood Gardens rezoning proposal. This flyer drop is planned the first weekend of November. Volunteers to help with the flyer drop are welcome. Please email us at if you are available.

Community Check-In, November 8

Finally, the HDC will host a community information/prep session on November 8, 2017 at 7:30 p.m. at the Holyrood Community Hall. This event will give everyone a chance to catch up on the latest news about the proposed redevelopment and an opportunity to practice and refine speeches for the public hearing. Join your neighbours to learn more about the development and hear what the HDC and community speeches will sound like!

Donate to Holyrood Professional Advisors Fund

There is one more way you can help. Please donate to the HDC Professional Advisors Fund. Your donation will allow us to retain legal and professional advice concerning the development and development process. Your donation will also offset printing costs for flyers and posters. Donate at: