Holyrood Gardens

Last updated November 11, 2017

Regency Developments plans to redevelop the Holyrood Gardens property along 85 St., between 90 Ave. and 95 Ave. A rezoning application was submitted to the City in March 2017. Regency Proposal 2017-08-01

Our current understanding

  • Materials shared with City Council for Public Hearing on September 11, 2017 and November 17, 2017.
  • Documents – August 1, 2017
  • Previous versions of Urban Design Brief
  • 2017-03-03 Pre-Consultation-Summary
  • Regency Developments has refused to refer the proposal to the Edmonton Design Committee.
  • The latest rezoning application information is on the City of Edmonton’s website.
  • The redevelopment requires rezoning from a DC2 (Direct Control zone put in place by the previous owner which had hoped to redevelop the property) to a DC2 to fit the new proposal. A hearing and approval from City Council will be required in order to proceed.
  • Regency Developments is proposing a mix of mid-rise apartments and high-rise towers that exceeds the guidelines for a neighbourhood stop in a transit oriented development.
  • The rezoning application proposes seven buildings with varying heights containing a total of 1,200 units (two 18-story high-rise buildings on 93 Ave and one 22-story high-rise building on the southwest corner of the site and four medium density 4-story mid-rise buildings.
  • Density of development will almost double population of Holyrood.
  • Small-scale retail is planned along 93 Ave.
  • West access road to be used for emergency vehicles only.
  • Primary exits are the alley north of 90 Avenue and beside the existing apartment buildings to the north.
  • Green space will be installed east of the proposed development.
  • Onsite parking is primarily underground, but 20 stalls will be located behind the 22-story tower.
  • Complete build-out of the proposed development is expected to take place over 5 to 10 years.
  • Holyrood Gardens apartments at the north end of site the will remain.
  • Current residents will be given 4-5 months notice – developer stated they would offer relocation assistance.

What we don’t know

  • Rationale for exceeding existing city guidelines
  • Type of ownership (rent versus own)
  • Traffic and parking impacts in neighbourhood
  • Extent to which proposed amenities are useful to Holyrood
  • Alignment with “The Way Ahead
  • Whether this is good urban design
  • A massing study is needed to asses the sense of space and visual impact of the building (e.g., scale, sun/shadow impacts)
  • Workmanship and craftsmanship quality
  • How proposal enhances the street
  • How economic, social and environmental sustainability has been considered
  • Impacts on neighbourhood demographics
  • Impacts on the lane to the east of proposed development
  • Capacity of existing infrastructure (water and sewer)
  • Suitability of financial contribution to community by developer
  • Impacts of construction traffic, vibration impacts, noise, hauling
  • Cumulative impacts of LRT and a high density development


Since May 2017, the HDC has met almost every week. Highlights of our activities are outlined below.


September 27. Facts at your fingertips postcard produced. Brochures with additional information background information are also available.

September 26. Professional Advisors Fund crowdfunding campaign launched on Generosity (an Indiegogo platform).

September 21. HDC released an open letter to the City Manager.

September 19. HDC wrote a letter to the Mayor, City Manager and senior city officials formally requesting that meetings and community workshops be organized between HDC and Regency Developments using a skilled, independent facilitator.

September 11. Original date of public hearing. City Council had insufficient time to conduct hearing. While deliberating on how to address this issue, developer was invited to address City Council and used the opportunity for personal gain. See the following blog posts for more information:

Sept. 6. Informational Open House

August 29. HDC receives City’s response to our letter of August 13, 2017.

August 23. HDC hosted meeting with neighbouring communities

August 13. HDC wrote a letter  (with appendices) on August 13, 2017 to the Mayor, Council and senior city officials outlining community concerns received from survey feedback at the Open House.

August 9. HDC reviewed Regency Developments zone text and drawings based on materials released August 1. Note that Regency Developments may be change this material before the public hearing.

July 26. Meeting #3 with developer and HDC. HDC shares Open House report (2 hours).

July 12. Formal Open House

July 8-9. HDC delivers flyer to every household, apartment and facility in Holyrood

July 10. Regency Developments refused formal request to submit package to the Edmonton Design Committee.

July 5. HDC sent a letter to Ben Henderson and City Administration requesting the rezoning proposal be referred to the Edmonton Design Committee.

June 14. Meeting #2 with developer and HDC (2 hours)

May 17. Meeting #1 with developer and HDC (2 hours)

April 26. Holyrood Development Committee (HDC) ratified by HCL

March 24. Community league receives first notice of Holyrood Gardens rezoning application by mail using the same card that was sent to households

March 7. Rezoning Application Submitted

January 19. Pre-Application Meeting #2


December. Letter from developer to select Holyrood residents

November 9. Pre-Application Meeting #1

October 26. Notice of proposal sent to property owners near Holyrood Gardens